Christian formation


Go therefore and make disciples of all nations… (Matthew 28:19)

Christian Formation is the process of making disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ.  It involves the transformation of one's whole being into Christ's image and likeness.  This transformation is facilitated by the whole of our Christian life in prayer, study, and action – the traditional "three-legged stool" of the Christian life.  Other words that communicate the same three-fold approach are worship, education, and ministry (or service) and you will see that our website is organized with those divisions.

Just as Jesus' earthly ministry was largely that of preaching and teaching, however, Christian Education is a major component of Christian Formation.  It is in our educational programs that our other experiences in our Christian walk are interpreted and understood.  It is through our educational efforts that we learn how to recognize God in our midst.

Because Christian Formation is a life-long process, Christian Education is as well.  Our teaching at Ascension goes from toddlers to seniors in a variety of contexts, including Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Adult Education, Youth Groups, and Retreats.

Children's Sunday School

After the 9:00 am service during the academic year, we offer Sunday School for ages Pre-K through High School.  Children’s and youth classes meet upstairs during the Education Hour from 10:15 to 11:05.

Our classes and activities are led by teams of volunteers from our congregation, who bring children together to learn, pray and  celebrate in the Lord. Our volunteers have been trained in "Safeguarding God's Children," a child abuse awareness and prevention education program, and we are blessed to have among our volunteer staff current and retired teachers; child psychologists; special education instructors; child care professionals; and moms and dads.

Classes and ministries

  • NURSERY - available during the 9am service and the education hour for infants and toddlers through age 3.
  • CHERUBS - Sunday School for our littlest learners, with an emphasis on hands on activities.
  • ELEMENTARY-  Employs a lesson plan that takes children through bible lessons with games and hands on activities.
  • MIDDLE SCHOOL - Uses a Christian curriculum that helps students learn of the glory of God in their daily lives.
  • CONFIRMATION - 8th graders gather to learn and grow in Faith while being instructed on their Christian responsibilities to themselves and their fellow man.
  • HIGH SCHOOL -  Features a contemporary curriculum that helps students travel today's world without losing sight of Christ's teachings.
  • YOUTH GROUP - The group is opened to all 6th-12th graders, and meets monthly September–May. Students enjoy fun activities, lessons and outings with other Christian youth.
  • FAMILY ACTIVITIES - On the first Wednesday of every month October – May. Food, fun and spiritual activities are designed to bring families together in fellowship.
Upper Rooms of Ascension (URAscension)

Upper Rooms of Ascension is a Christian-based educational/activity group for family and youth of all ages. Click here to visit URAscension on Facebook for more information on upcoming events.

Adult education

We offer a variety of adult learning opportunities including but not limited to:

  • Tuesday Morning Bible Study:  The Tuesday bible study meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month at 10:00 am in the Guild Room.  They are currently studying the books of Psalms and Proverbs. This group is led by Bill Sears
  • Thursday Evening Bible Study:  The Thursday bible study meets every Thursday at 7:30 pm in the Church Parlor.  They are currently studying the book of Acts.  This group is led by Lynn Lyon-Vaiden.